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About Wahooo Pets

Kids - Friendly Pets Don’t Bite
Wahooo Pets feature 6 crazy pets looking to have a crazy fun time with kids of all ages. Our kids - friendly mechanical pets is strongly built for the purpose of giving parents the ability to ride our pets with their child who is not of age to steer. Children can learn hand - eye coordination while riding these crazy pets. Children can race each other and play games with the pet.
What is a Wahooo Pet?

Wahooo Pets Founder
Wahooo Pets is a family owned business, established October 10, 2011 by Johnny Jolin, Cindy and Yan Saefong. The idea for the business is to have parents enjoy time with their child and for all ages to bring out the fun in them. Thus, Wahooo Pets was established.

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